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Wedding & Event Props

IMG_0925 Peak-Tipis-140 IMG_1434 IMG_4829 IMG_2720 IMG_1343 IMG_2592 IMG_2054 IMG_2632 IMG_2818 IMG_1968 IMG_1963 IMG_2727 IMG_2254 photo IMG_2125 IMG_2686 IMG_2724 Peak-Tipis-39 IMG_0486 IMG_2250 IMG_0918 IMG_2374 Peak-Tipis-44


Quantity Brass Of Candlesticks

From £4.50 Each

BES 302

Ornate Gold Easel

From £20

LL 110

Candalarbras 5 Arm 106cm (Mirror Plates Available)

From £18

BES 319

Vintage Easels Gold

From Large £18 Medium £15

BES 328

Very Large Ornate Free Standing Frame

From £55


Original 'ER II Post Office' Post Box

From £25

Mill Bobbins

Unusual Table Decorations

Various Sizes Large Quantities

Beer Barrel Bar

PB 160

Variety Of Vintage Suitcases Available

From £10

TH 252

Art Deco Theatre Seating

From £45 Per Pair

BIKE 601

Victorian Royal Enfield

Ladies Bike

(as seen on BBC)

From £40

BES 304

'Wedding' Sign Professionally Hand Painted

From £10

Original Vintage Gym Vaulting Horse Seating

Pocket Watches

Loaf Cheese Boxes

Table Centre Decorations

B 205

Wooden Horse Pails

From £15


Original Unrestored

Post Office Bike




The Balloon Basket

Original Mill Baskets


Peak-Tipis-7 IMG_2183 IMG_2021 IMG_1964

Loaf Cheese Boxes

Quantity Available

Mill Bobbins, Hanging Kettles Signage & Theatre Seats


Professionally Hand Painted Sign (many locations available)

& Chil Daw Mannequin

CAR 001

Horse Carriage Display

From £140


BIKE 631

Suspended Restoration Bike

From £25

IMG_2421 IMG_2099


Many sizes / colours available


WED 1012

Voitives Quantity Availble

From £1.50 Each


Film Canisters, Brass Champagne Saucepans & 1920s Speakers

Add a little Glitz & Glamour.

IMG_0924 IMG_0802 IMG_0915

On Site Location Shoot

Please See Individual Categories For Many More Choices!